The Free 5-Day Challenge to Discover Your Life's Purpose

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No losers in this challenge! Here's what you get:

  • 1. Simple Steps to Discovery

    5 days of clear and simple steps to discover your heart’s desire and find what you were born to do so you can do it!

  • 2. Detailed Action Plan

    Get a detailed workbook and action plan to avoid distractions and doubt and start pursuing your purpose on day 1.

  • 3. Mentorship and Support

    You’re not alone! Get my guidance and your peer support throughout the entire challenge so you stay on course.

Thank you for this, it is much needed for all ages. I am better because of this program. It is what I needed at this time to validate things I knew but doubted. Now I'm clear...Thank you.

Ron A Ron A

Includes the "Purpose Discovery" Workbook

Free when you join the challenge!

  • Clear and simple instructions for discovering your purpose
  • Track your progress toward your purpose
  • The #1 action step for a purpose-driven life
  • Quick tips to start pursuing your purpose immediately
  • The official cliffs notes for the path to purpose
  • Your own personal reminder to live your purpose

Meet Your Host

As The Declutterist, I do work I love helping others declutter their minds. (You know, decluttering the self-doubt that has you too scared to live your purpose? Yea, that stuff.)

I can't wait for you to get started on this challenge! The A-HAs you're going to get will inspire and motivate you to go after your dream life! No more standing on the sidelines wondering if there's more to life than this...

-Yvette Bowlin