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  • Declutter Your Mindset

    Clear clutter away in the one area most tied to your success–your mind. This includes your beliefs about money and the value you offer. Mindset is everything.

  • Declutter Your Schedule

    Learn the “Color-Code” Calendar trick that will reveal exactly what to focus on and make your next steps in business crystal clear.

  • Declutter Your Space

    Learn the biggest mistake you could make when designing your workspace. This one thing will determine if ideas flow or you stay stuck in creative blocks!

  • Declutter Your Business

    Get clear on your direction and the purpose of your business. With clarity, you can execute more efficiently and enjoy yourself along the way more.

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5-Star Reviews for THE DECLUTTER CODE...

Yvette sheds light on the underlying thoughts, beliefs and emotions that manifest in the excessive cluttering of our lives, our houses, our minds and our bodies. Armed with the knowledge of these, and the simple and incredibly effective tools Yvette provides, you can finally be free of clutter and chaos, and more importantly, free of the energetic ties that led you to that clutter in the first place. This is not a book about spring cleaning your house. It's about understanding what drives you and empowering you to make positive, conscious change. It's only when we get rid of the junk, that we have space for the light.

Brooke Surtees
Brooke Surtees Amazon

Those simple decluttering steps is healing me day by day and helped me to focus more on what I do want to create. Awesome book. Thank you Yvette. The timing was perfect.

Deniz Turkcu
Deniz Turkcu Email

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The ten steps to decluttering in the book are easy to follow... I finally saw my self-sabotage, my limiting beliefs, and the fear that were BEHIND the clutter. They WERE the clutter. And purging became a lot easier from that standpoint. I can't recommend this book enough. 5 stars.

Joe Brachocki
Joe Brachocki Amazon

I love how this book is an easy read and gets straight to the point. As stated in the title, it gives you 10 simple steps to clarity. After listing the step it explains how taking that specified step will clear the clutter out of your life. This book tells you what to do, when, why and how to do it, and I love it! No more post-reading confusion.

Patryce Artis
Patryce Artis Blog
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